Saturday, July 16, 2011

Journal Prompt Swap on the Cricut MB

DiAnn is my partner on the journal prompt swap over on the Cricut MB.  This is the box and the journaling prompts that I made for her, along with the journaling spots.  I took the journaling prompts and folded them in half and put them in the box so she could randomly pick a prompt and use it for that layout. I tried to make them as general as possible so they would fit all different types of events.  I sure hope she likes it.

This is the top of the box.  I found the box at Hobby Lobby and was going to alter it, but I liked the pattern so much that I ended up just embelishing it a little.

These are all her journaling spots, the little notebook to write down her thoughts and the box holding her journaling prompts.  I didn't get any pics of the journaling prompts but they're just typed out on decoratively cuts of paper.


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